Damon Clear – The DAMON system is the most advanced braces system utilizing SL technology which uses far less forces that other traditional systems.  This means faster results, less pain, fewer appointments, more expansion and less extractions.  Our practice is the biggest DAMON practice in the Caribbean and Latin America and one of only a handful in the world using the DAMON CLEAR braces for all of our patients.

Space Age Wires – We use low force memory wires developed by NASA in the space program.  These wires can be tied into knots outside of your mouth, then at 98.6C (everyone’s body temperature regardless of size, sex, religion etc) the wire will unravel and straighten out.  This low force memory wire means fewer visits and because it is working constantly, less pain and less visits to our office.

Invisalign – Touted as the clear alternative to braces, CSM was the first practice outside of North America to use Invisalign.  With a series of clear retainers to move your teeth to perfection, you can achieve that amazing smile without the look of braces.

Zoom! – We offer in-office and at-home ZOOM! Whitening to give your teeth that extra POP! after your braces and throughout your life.  Our technique means less sensitivity than others using the product and all at prices far below other practices.

3D Digital X-Ray – We are proud to have the first and only 3D digital x-ray unit in the Caribbean.  This gives us the ability to diagnose and treat you in a far more efficient manner.   Digital radiography is also safer in that the exposure to radiation is minimal, and the images are crisp.

Acceledent – bite down on this vibrating mouthguard for just 20 minutes a day and finish your braces in about half the time!  CSM was the first practice to offer this technology in the Caribbean and is the only one doing so in Barbados and Guyana!

Propel – by placing little ‘dimples’ just under your gums your braces finish in half the time!  CSM was the first practice to offer this in the Caribbean.

Practice Genius Patient Rewards Hub – exclusive partner of Practice Genius, CSM offers our patients rewards for loyalty, great attitude, excellent co-operation with braces and maintaining a regimen for cleaning with the dentist.  You can earn the COOLEST rewards just by being an awesome patient!

COMPUTER AIDED DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT – computer software aids in the analysis of your case and in determining the best treatment outcome.  This results in faster treatment and fewer visits.

Touch Screen Sign-In – Sign yourself in – no need to wait for the receptionist to check you in!  This makes life easier for everyone and is really cool as you see your picture from your first visit – scary!  It also allows our front desk staff to concentrate on other tasks to better serve you.

Computer Appointment Reminders – While it is your responsibility to remember your next appointment, we know that you have a million and one chores.  Our daily schedule is tied in with software in the US that will text or email you your appointment reminder!

Chill Water Aircondition – Our building utilizes a chill water system that is environmentally conscious.  The system cools water that is then pumped through the building to keep you cool – not that you aren’t already!  At the time of installation such systems were only available for large hotels or buildings and they used significantly less energy than traditional systems.

Solar Energy – Photovoltaic energy production is going on over your head!  In an effort to show greater respect to our environment, we have installed solar panels.  Not only do the panels reduce the amount of energy from the grid and, as such, reduce the importation of fuel for energy production, but they also serve to reduce the heat load on the building, allowing us to use less airconditioning.

LED – 90% of the lights used in the building are LED.  As such, there is less energy consumption to produce light and there is less heat generated – thus reducing the amount of heat that the AC’s have to cool.

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