Out of the Box Thinking

In every field you have leaders and followers.

Some say that the glass is half full and some say it is half empty.  We say the glass is always full – half full with liquid and half full with air!

Our approach to treatment is guided by simple principles.

  1. Do unto others as you would have done unto you and
  2. The KISS principle – Keep It Simple Silly!

We have become the premier orthodontic practice in the Caribbean and South America by adhering to these principles.  CSM was the FIRST practice outside of North America to offer INVISALIGN.

CSM was and is the only practice in the Caribbean to offer clear braces to ALL of our patients at no additional charge – other practices charge between US$500-$1000 more for clear braces.

CSM is the only practice in the Caribbean to have a 3D CBCT digital x-ray unit.

CSM has had video glasses for our patients to watch movies or play games while getting braces since 1999!

CSM has the exclusive rights in our territories for Practice Genius’ Patient Rewards Hub where you are rewarded for being a great patient.

CSM is the first practice in the Caribbean to offer Acceledent and Propel – two new ways to make your braces finish in almost half the time.

We have invested heavily in technology to ensure that our diagnosis, treatment and results are spectacular while your experience is unparalleled.

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